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July 11, 2016

Last year Arnie and I went to the Galapagos Islands, about 600 miles west of Ecuador. This is one of the few places on earth where animals are not terrified of people -- the mega-predators of this poor, beleaguered planet. You can walk close to a mother bird nesting wi...

July 14, 2015

My studio is in my house, and I love it this way.

Some of the major benefits:

Renting or buying an outside office is expensive to own, insure, heat, cool and maintain.

Not having an outside space = lower overhead = money saved that I pass along to my clients.

I work late h...

I get really excited about great trees, especially great native trees.

Some of the Southeast’s greatest trees aren’t often used in gardens. In hopes of spreading the word about these “must haves,” in my opinion, I thought I would tell you about my very favorite trees,...




It's a myth that modernist architects don't like to use color.  


Look back at much of the work of Le Corbusier and you will see a man who loved color and used it beautifully. From the colored light monitors of his La Tourette nunnery, to the incredible painted door...

Arnie and I made a pilgrimage to the Massachusetts Shaker Hancock Village in July 2014.  I am a modernist but I revere Shaker design.  It’s not a contradiction at all, even though Shaker design dates from the 18th and 19th centuries. 


Today there are only a f...

April 29, 2014

This year I have three houses on the Triangle Green Home Tour taking place on the first two weekends in May.  One of them is the Ultra-green and also very modern Happy Meadows Courtyard House.  I don't know which of its green features I am more excited about!



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February 13, 2020

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