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Callahan-Winfield Renovation


Before: a bleak entry is barely big enough for the family and dogs.
Before: sheetrock lining the entry.
Before: The entry was underdetailed and the asphalt roof was discolored.
Before: Another view of the entry.
Before: the entry porch is a little under-detailed.
After: the old entry was too small in proportion to the great room.
Before: the old entry had utilitarian closets but lacked the warmth and style the owners needed.


After: we lined the new entry foyer with cherry wood panelling.
After: We custom designd the panelling around the existing stairs and put an inset of cherry wood on the floor to match.
After:  We added a metal roof to reflect the sky and lighten the overall "weight" of the house.
After: we designed a zero threshold entry for univesal access, eliminating the outside stair hazard.
After: We added a new detail to the entry porch posts to add some visual, but clean lined interest.
After: the cherrywood panelling is echoed with a cherry inset in the oak floor.
After: the new panelling we designed.  The light fixture is made with mica.

The Callahan-Winfield house was originally designed by architect Jon Condoret in the eighties.  The owners, huge dog lovers, wanted a new entry that would allow their guests to enter the house without being bombarded by their dogs!  


The solution was a small entry addition that we fitted with cherry casework for a beautiful glow.  This entry allows for a gracious arrival of guests where they can remove their coats in a relaxed manner before proceeding into the main house where the dogs have free reign.  


Outside we added a new metal roof giving the house a fresh, clean look.  We love metal roof - it reflects the sky!  A new landscaped patio leads directly to the front door with zero steps, making this a universal entry for the clients, their friends and aging dogs.

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