Color Consultations

Each color job is specifically tailored to the client's preferences, their furnishings and the solar orientation of the space.  Solar orientation is extremely important,  as north, south, west and east light all produce very different effects on colors.​

For each color consultation, we do color studies to test groups of colors together.  When we have a good scheme selected, we have large paint samples made to hold up on every wall of the space.   The colors must be studied at different times of the day and also at night with artificial light.  The type of bulbs you use will affect color too. 

​Wow, was this project fun!  The Owners have a 1970's house filled with color and art that that they love.  On the outside, however, the old concrete driveway went right up to the front door, with no differentiation or delineation of any kind of entry pathway.

Mark and Cindy wanted color, color, color!  And there are some great options for colored concrete to choose from.   Cindy loves a warm palette so we went with two colors of concrete; orange for the main driveway and an "inset" of rose pink to define a "walkway" to the front door from the two guest parking spaces.

Mark and Cindy think it came out pretty cool and so do we!



After: We used two different batches of colored concrete to create a "walkway within a driveway" to solve the problem of no path to the front door.
KUHN & ASSOCIATES Financial Offices

​"Not afraid of color"   -

These offices presented a delightful challenge.  The client wanted an extremely colorful and vibrant office.

The client told us: "Don't be afraid of using lots of different colors."  This was music to our ears!

I partnered with color guru and designer Julie Staelin on this job.  We chose colors that are vibrant and optimistic, with the specific goal of energizing the staff.  

Clear, pure colors were chosen.  Strategically, we used a clean white to break up the bright accent colors.  

Each staff member chose a personal favorite color for their respective offices.

The colors complement the mix of modern and mid-century modern art and furnishings, also selected by us.

Rajagopalan Residence Renovation + Color Selection

"warm + serene"   ​-

For their elegant + traditional north Raleigh house, the clients wanted colors that were soothing, serene, and exuded warmth.

Throughout the house, we used a neutral white with a warm undertone as a "link" to tie the scheme together.

Rajagopalan Color Scheme
Greene Jones Mid Century Modern Renovation
and Color Consult

This 1950s house designed by architect Terry Waugh was rich + warm.  We added deep red and yellows, with a glossy charcoal wall as a foil.

Greene-Jones Color Scheme

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