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Fleischauer NET ZERO Passive House Farm House

Fleischauer Farm Cottage
Great Room
Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Great Room
Wrap around porch
Fleischauer Great Room
Stairs to Loft
House and Garden

When a wonderful young family came to us asking for something very, very simple, reminiscent of the vernacular tobacco barns and farm cottages of old North Carolina, we knew just what to do.


We knew a shiny metal roof was called for - a roof that reflects the sky and brings your eye up.


We knew a wrap around porch (one of our favorite things) would be perfect on this site.

The porch is screened on the west entry and wraps around unscreened on the south, giving the family several options of outside spaces.


We knew an open great room with a high ceiling would give the feeling of airiness that we wanted.


The owner says:  "We are in the house and it

is wonderful.  It is so beautiful.  I am amazed how clean the air feels."


He goes on to say, "Our favorite room is the great room.  It is open, clean and has views of the woods.  It's almost like living in a ski chalet."


This house was built to PHIUS standards, one of the strictest sustainable building standards in the world.  A small solar array was all that was needed for us to achieve NET ZERO:  all the energy needed for the house is produced BY the house.


The house was built by Anchorage Building Corp. based in Chapel Hill, NC.



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