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Zephyr Table

I named this table “Zephyr” because it is extremely light and moves very easily.  It is also a tough workhorse that locks into place with industrial brake casters.

I designed this table because I could not find one that met all my requirements:   It had to be environmentally responsible, attractive, light, versatile, easy to use, easy to move, easy to transport, and both a work and meeting table.  


Black Line Bookcase


The Black Line Bookcase is made of maple plywood with black anilyne dye.    This bookcase was inspired by the branching patterns of trees in winter.


Floating Bookcase

This bookcase was designed to be “suspended” anywhere along a wall where needed.  A partial back panel allows for flexibility in attaching to wall studs where needed.

Reclaimed Materials Table

In design, the greenest thing you can do is nothing at all, i.e. use something the way it is.  

The second greenest thing you can do is to use locally sourced reclaimed or recycled components - and that's just what we did with this table.  The wood base is resawn from old beams and the steel structural brackets are reused from a demolished structure.   

The only parts that were purchased new were the 4 rolling castors.

The table was assembled in less than a day by the legendary Rocky Mount, NC craftsman Ray Roche, with his wife Karlene + crew members.

Turning the Corner Cabinet


This wall cabinet was custom designed to be an eco-friendly, storage powerhouse.

We chose to use Plyboo brand bamboo plywood and scrap leftover laminate pieces for the drawer fronts.


Arielle C. Schechter, AIA  / T 919-933-1400 / F 919-933-0102 / E © 2013 by Arielle C. Schechter

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