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Breeze House

Dr. Alison Adcock and Dr. Kevin Slep Residence

Breeze House

Breeze House

A 900 square foot house built for a very tight infill lot. Despite the size, this house will be bright and filled with light. The house is designed to catch the magical prevailing breezes this site is subject to.

The Breeze House is a 900 square foot custom micropolis designed especially for a very tight infill lot.  The lot is steep and the building pad will sit on a little knoll, elevated from the adjacent street.  The site is only a couple miles from downtown Chapel Hill.

We walked the site last summer during the heat wave and were amazed that it felt at least 10 degrees cooler on that knoll than on the surrounding properties.  This is because of the prevailing breezes from the south and southwest.  It was nothing less than magic.  Operable windows in this small house will ensure that the prevailing breezes can be harnessed to flush hot air out of the house whenever the Owner wants.  

Smaller houses also mean you can put your money into some special "goodies" for your project.  Breeze Houses' goodies will include a gourmet kitchen, orchid shelves, a small courtyard for cafe dining, and an outdoor patio for entertaining.  

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