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Coy-Davis "Homestead" 

This residence for Dr. Deron Coy and Erica Davis is a large house designed for their big, beautiful blended family and future kids, family gatherings and a place for the entire large family to congregate for holidays and vacations.  This house is for the long haul and a long, happy family life.  The owners wanted to make sure their house was as green as possible:  we have a geothermal heat pump, a rooftop PV array with battery storage and triple glazed passive house windows.  The house is located in Durham, NC.

This residence is for a big beautiful blended family.  It is our largest home to date with over 5000 heated square feet and almost 2000 square feet of decks, porches and terraces, PLUS a huge game room and a 2.5 car garage to comfortably accommodate Deron, wife Erica Davis, Deron's two kids Henry and Lydia, their dog, future kids, visiting parents and family.  

We conceived this house as a "homestead", where many generations will gather and enjoy each others' company for years to come.  The interior main living spaces offer lots of variety in the same space, to accommodate many tastes and styles while allowing for togetherness.  The living room has two different seating areas, one by the fire and another main area.  There is also a generous window seat for curling up with a book.  Overlooking this space is a dramatic balcony with bookshelves.  One can sit and read in the balcony and still be a part of the gathering

The kids' wing is on the second floor.  All three kids' bedrooms are exactly alike for equality.

The lower level main bedroom wing is sound insulated from the rest of the house.  If the kids want a party in the main area, parents can retreat to a quiet zone.  There is a quiet, cozy nursery near the main bedroom for Erica and Deron's new baby Davis.

The kitchen is open and bright with easy access to the dining room and its double sided fireplace, the screen porch and a side porch connecting to a future BBQ area and pool.

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