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Finishing Construction Soon: Reddy-Yu Residence

Satish and his wife Ping are relocating from California and Texas to NC.  Satish worked in the energy industry and always dreamed of having his own custom net zero home.  We were very honored to get to work with them.  The house is built tight, with continuous insulation and triple glazed passive house suitable windows and exterior doors.  There is a solar array on the roof and backup batteries in the garage.  Part of the house will also collect rainwater for the veggie beds that are being installed later this year.


Satish and Ping are both gourmet cooks so the kitchen is a room of great importance to them.  Their kitchen will produce multiple CUISINES - Chinese, Indian and more.  It is an "aromatic" kitchen which allows for cooking fragrant foods at very high temperatures while isolating the cooking odors from the rest of the house. This required us to design the kitchen so it can be completely closed off from the other rooms when needed.  We're looking forward to them sharing some great Indian and Szechuan recipes with us!

This house is designed with a strong public to private zone,  separating the primary bedroom suite from the rest of the house (see the little "bridge" element above.) This creates a "quiet zone" for Satish and Ping for when they have visitors, such as exuberant grandchildren!  

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