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Modern Cabin 

The "modern cabin" was designed as a vacation house for a professional couple.  They wanted both rustic and modern elements, which fits their lifestyle and also the deeply wooded site.

A variety of spaces are designed to provide for many different moods and types of gathering.  A lofty living dining room connects on the second floor to a balcony overlook for the upstairs bedrooms.  This provides both visual and social connection when it is desired.  

The kitchen is also connected to the main space, but tucked away under the second floor on the north.  Bright red hexagonal tiles from California's Heath Ceramics give warmth and joyful energy to the kitchen, making it pleasant for both cooking and gathering.

The living, dining, master bedroom and office/study all have south facing light and large windows to capture the view to the woods.  South light is greatly treasured by our firm and we always aim to provide ample south light in our spaces.

This house was built by NewPhire Building.

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