The ACS List

Most people are aware of the terrible problem of poaching endangered wildlife in Africa.  The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is combatting this with round the clock rangers and wildlife hospitals to nurse the orphans of murdered wildlife.  They do remarkable work and we hope you will join us to support the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Soi Dog Foundation

We are so used to rescue groups and humane societies in the US, that we may not realize that Asia has almost NONE!  The Soi Dog foundation is based in Thailand but works throughout Asia.


They do phenomenal work helping abused and sick dogs and cats.  They earn a platinum seal from Guidestar!  Every penny donated goes to their programs.

Please help their important work in reducing the suffering of animals in Asia!

Animals Asia is working to end the bear bile trade in which tens of thousands of gentle moon bears are imprisoned in both China and Vietnam and their bile painfully extracted for folk medicines in the cruelest ways.

The cages do not allow the bears to move.  Often the bears have their teeth removed.  Bile is extracted with no anesthetic. 

Animals in Asia need our help. Dogs and cats are used for meat without any humane slaughter laws to protect them from excessive pain and suffering.   One of the best charities working to help is Animals Asia.


Arm yourself with knowledge and please read more about the Dog and Cat meat industry here

A Dutch student named Boyan Slat invented a method to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area that is larger than Texas.  In fact, there are 5 huge ocean garbage patches.  Read more in my blog here.

If you are like me, you agree that the VERY least we owe the forced subjects of animal research is the right of a chance for freedom and happiness once they are done being researched upon.  


Beagle Freedom Project is finding homes for beagles that have been used in laboratory research after the labs no longer want or need them.  In the past, these poor animals were killed immediately with no chance or hope of a happy life.


Although all types of dogs are used in animal research (as well as non-human primates, cats, pigs, mice, frogs, guinea pigs and  many other species), beagles are the preferred dog for animal researchers because they are docile and friendly. Perhaps it makes it all the more tragic that they don't "fight back", or can't.  Did you know that most laboratory dogs and cats have their vocal chords cut so they can't scream in pain?


Some of these dogs have never felt grass under their paws or sunlight on their fur.


Humane Society International says that 115 million animals are used EVERY YEAR in animal research.  Much of this research is for cosmetic, tobacco and product testing. Often the types of research being done have been done many times before and do not need to be repeated.  


While we wish we could help ALL research animals, Beagle Freedom Project is a beacon of hope that at least some people care about the poor animals that have been forced to give their lives against their will.  It is a tragedy and travesty of enormous proportion.  

Enabling The Future creates 3D Prosthetics for kids and adults around the world.  


I love that these can include an element of "delight" for the kids, by incorporating color or a theme they love.  One little girl got a Disney themed ('Frozen') hand that made her feel great.

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