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The Little Ant Micropolis House®

Micropolis Houses®

Ants are brave little creatures.  We admire them.  They can lift many times their weight and they work constantly.  This house is inspired by those hardworking little ants.  A Little Ant can be a lot more useful and easier to care for than a wasteful mansion!



Little Ant Specs:

Heated Square Feet:  785


Unheated space:  screen porch and covered entry


2 bedrooms


1 bathroom


U-shaped super efficient kitchen


Dining area


Open Living Area


Storage tucked in everywhere


Special:  The clerestory is a wonderful element that can

bring high light into the space making it especially wonderful.

This element is optional, but recommended.


Suitable for:  

Home, Guest Quarters, Studio, Office


Little Ant Base Price (PDF sets electronically downloaded):  $2200

Optional customization is available.

Contact us to purchase.

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