The Little Ant Micropolis House®

Ants are brave little creatures.  We admire them.  They can lift many times their weight and they work constantly.  This house is inspired by those hardworking little ants.  A Little Ant can be a lot more useful and easier to care for than a wasteful mansion!



Little Ant Specs:

Heated Square Feet:  785


Unheated space:  screen porch and covered entry


2 bedrooms


1 bathroom


U-shaped super efficient kitchen


Dining area


Open Living Area


Storage tucked in everywhere


Special:  The clerestory is a wonderful element that can

bring high light into the space making it especially wonderful.

This element is optional, but recommended.


Suitable for:  

Home, Guest Quarters, Studio, Office


Little Ant Base Price (PDF sets electronically downloaded):  $2200

Optional customization is available.

Contact us to purchase.

How to Order:


Each client is an INDIVIDUAL - you are not a number to us!   We want you to LOVE your Micropolis House®!


1.  Email us with your choice of plan.


2.  Let us know if you require any customization.  (Most clients do.)


3.  Out of state (NC) clients can have skyped or shared screen meetings.  


4.  Skype meetings can be done on YOUR schedule, including weekends or evenings!


3.  After purchase, your PDF sets are sent to you electronically, unless you ask for modifications.  


4.  Full size architectural drawings can also be purchased with an additional fee for shipping.


5. The plan sets start at $2000 based on the size of the house.


Please note:

Our goal is to keep the plans affordable! 

Need to make changes?  No problem.  

Extra customization fees will be based on the scope of the changes you need.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


PDF Plan Sets for any Micropolis House® include:

Floor Plan(s)

Foundation Plan (slab on grade or crawl space)

1 or 2 Cross Section(s)

Roof Plan

Electrical Plan

Interior Elevations (showing cabinetry)

Arielle C. Schechter, AIA  / T 919-933-1400 / F 919-933-0102 / E © 2013 by Arielle C. Schechter

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