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Professor's House 

“There are few things that stand out about The Professor’s House other than it excels in everything it sets out to do. It represents an architecture of the people – a refined and developed design concept that fits the person who ends up enjoying it the most.” – Peter Secan,

The small house was designed and crafted for an eminent author and professor of Native American Studies.  After losing her husband a few years ago, she decided to downsize from a 3200 square foot house to something smaller.  The final design is a little over 1600 heated square feet, which is about half of what she used to live in and about 1000 square feet less than the average American house of 2500 square feet. 


The final design includes:

    Design for aging in place, with zero thresholds from the entry bridge to the curdles showers inside.

    A small garage with an electric car charging station.

    An ample open living and dining great room with soaring clerestory windows and featuring a double sided fireplace open to both the living room and the office behind.


    A tiny courtyard which is a featured view from both the dining room and also from the Master Bath (while maintaining privacy).

    A cozy master suite with expansive corner windows, a large open shower and a Japanese Ofuro soaking tub overlooking the tiny courtyard.

    Two more bedrooms and a guest bath.  One of the bedrooms doubling as a home office.

    A super efficient workhorse kitchen connected to a mudroom with plenty of storage.

    A spectacular deck on the back, facing a dropped pool deck and Morgan Creek beyond.

    Plenty of wall space for displaying Native American artifacts.

A smaller house meant the professor could have things like a pool and a Japanese soaking tub and choose nicer elements for her money, instead of wasting funds on spaces that are rarely used.  

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