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Wolf-Huang Residence on Lake Orange 

If you drive out to Lake Orange, it's time to play "one of these things is not like the others"....


You will see a lot of McMansions on Lake Orange.  But there is one modern house that is decidedly not a McMansion and decidedly different from the other houses in the neighborhood: the Wolf-Huang house.  


Built for one of the most restrictive sites we've ever worked on, the Wolf-Huang Lake House faces the gorgeous sunset views on Lake Orange, near Hillsborough, NC.  Despite the incredibly limited allowable building area, we were able to get Tom and Yiqing's building program to fit in just right. A generous living and dining room faces the beautiful water view with large sliding glass doors and windows to let in the lake breezes.  There are three comfortable bedrooms, with the Main Bedroom and a luxurious bathroom also facing the lake.

Inspired by the architect's love of houseboats and several architectural trips to Amsterdam to visit them, this house has the feeling that it could indeed be launched right into the Lake to float along the banks.


We hope our clients will feel this is like being on vacation all the time, except without crowded flights and long lines!

Buildsense was the General Contractor for this project.

Arielle C. Schechter, AIA  / T 919-933-1400 / F 919-933-0102 / E © 2013 by Arielle C. Schechter

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