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Why Choose Micropolis Houses®?

Small. Smart. Personal.


MIcropolis Houses® are affordable building plan sets you can use to build your own cool, modern houses.

All plans are available with full customization options and we can do it for you!  


These plans also work for small offices, art studios, guest quarters or any space your imagination can conceive.


Want us to build the house you select as well? We’re now able to offer a Design/Build option in partnership with one of NC's best “green” builders. Contact us for more information!

Micropolis Houses®

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We even have our own theme song!

The Micropolis House Song - Jonathan Mann
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Good reasons to build small:


Small will be easier to personalize.


Small is less expensive to build.


Small is easier to heat and cool.


Small houses use fewer resources so they are more sustainable.


Smaller is greener.


Small is easier to maintain and easier to keep clean!  Less vacuuming!


Small houses can be easier to resell because of the downsizing trend.


Small houses make it easier to achieve Net Zero Energy (this means you produce all the energy you need on site).


Small houses let you focus on quality (in building materials, interior finishes and furnishings) rather than quantity.

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