Nowzad: Saving Animal Victims of Human Wars

Why do we spotlight charities for animals? As 7 billion humans and counting wreak destruction and wage war all over the planet, the innocent and voiceless flora and fauna that share the earth with us are suffering immeasurably. Most charities are for people, but animals and nature are in crisis and need our help also.

The beleaguered Middle East has very few charities helping animals. However, it does have the amazing UK based charity NOWZAD. Nowzad is a 501 c3 registered charity in the US also, so donations are tax deductible. This group was founded by Pen Farthing, a member of the UK Royal Marines. He saw the large numbers of stray dogs roaming in the town of Now Zad, Afghanistan and was determined to help. This bleak corner of the world now has hope for its innocent victims of our human conflicts.