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Murphy Dunn Net Zero House 

East View at Dusk
Murphy-Dunn Foyer
Murphy Dunn Loft
Foyer Looking South
Murphy Dunn Kitchen "Party Counter"
Front (West) View
Murphy Dunn Kitchen Dining
Murphy Dunn Kitchen
Front at Dusk
Murphy Dunn Master Bath
Screen Porch Looking North
Murphy Dunn Great Room
Murphy-Dunn Net Zero House
Murphy Dunn Residence
South at Dusk

This residence was custom designed for prominent green builder Kevin Murphy of NewPhire Building and his family of 4.


In addition to being a comfortable family home, this home also showcases cutting edge green building techniques.  


As of this writing, the house is producing $22 MORE per month than it uses!  That means it goes beyond Net Zero into NET POSITIVE!


This makes us VERY happy here at ACS.  And proves you can have a killer house with style AND be green.


The house has earned the National Green Building Standard "GOLD" rating.


The Murphy-Dunn house was on the Green Home Tour in 2016 and will be on the tour next May if you didn't get a chance to see it in person.


Learn more about the builder: NewPhire Building.


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