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Backyard Wildlife Habitats Help Animals!

One of the most delightful pleasures of life is watching nature and the wildlife in your garden. But with habitat destruction all over the world, the precious wild critters that share our planet with us have less and less space to call home. But new studies say we can help with promoting a backyard wildlife habitat and even the smallest of gardens can help! And you probably already have the beginnings of a backyard wildlife habitat no matter how small your yard!

The main important elements for a backyard wildlife habitat are:

1. A water source (can be a bird bath).

2. Shelter/cover for animals to hide or make nests.

3. Native plants that provide berries, seeds and nuts for animals and birds and that draw native insects that pollinate and provide food for birds.

4. Keep cats inside.

5. Don't spray or use chemicals.

6. Eliminate grass lawns and plant native grasses or other plants instead.

Promoting the good insects means you'll have fewer of the less good insects (like mosquitos). I am personally hypnotized by the dragonflies that dive-bomb my water garden while pursuing mosquitos!

The National Wildlife Federation will even send you a little sign for your garden if you have qualified!

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