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Top 7 Tips to Create a Bird + Bee Garden

1. Birds eat bugs: so please don't spray insecticides.

2. Hummingbirds need plant nectar, so please don't spray. (insecticide is absorbed into the plants and is often present in pollen and nectar.)

3. A healthy garden has biodiversity including insects. So please don't spray.

4. Do you like coffee? Do you like corn on the cob? Then, please thank a pollinator. And please don't spray.

5. Create a healthier garden by encouraging pollinators to visit your garden: You can help pollinators by putting up a beautiful pollinator house or "insect hotel" in your garden. And please don't spray.

6. The worst offender? Neonicotinoids. France banned them in 2018. Why do we lag behind? Please don't spray.

7. Wanna really help? Contact Bayer, Monsanto and Syngenta and demand they stop selling these killer chemicals.


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