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Dimensional Tile

Dimensional tile has a 3D depth and shape, like a "bas relief". That means it is especially beautiful in showing light and shadow, which emphasize the shapes further.

I like to highlight dimensional tile with small directional lights when I can. This makes sure the shadows and shapes will show up well.

One of my favorite tiles is this oval dimensional tile by Heath Ceramics. I think this is from an old design by Edith Heath herself in the 1950's. Edith Heath founded Heath Ceramics in California and became the only ceramicist whose work is represented in MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art).

Arnie and I did a major splurge last year when we were renovating our bedroom. This tile forms a feature wall including a fireplace and tv (we love movies!)

We chose up and down light sconces from BluePrint Lighting in NYC. They are able to match any RAL color so we got the exact shade of "happy orange" we were looking for.

BluePrint Lighting makes lights similar to the great light fixtures of the mid century Italian era, except with modern wiring.

I truly believe that great tile is worth a splurge!

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