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Insect Hotels + Solitary Bee Habitats

Habitat loss and the overuse of pesticides and poisons around the world has caused insect populations to plummet. Some people don't understand that this is a disastrous thing. We need insects. Our ecosystems depend on them as both pollinators of plants and food for animals like birds and small mammals.

If you like coffee, thank a pollinator. If you like chocolate, thank a pollinator. Pretty much everything we eat depends on pollinators, directly or indirectly.

If you want a healthier garden, attract insects. Solitary bees are those without a hive. They need a place to nest in.

May I suggest an insect hotel or pollinator habitat for your garden? They are beautiful to look at and very useful homes for our little pollinator friends. You can make your own easily with leftover wine corks, pinecones, a little untreated wood straw, hollow bamboo pieces and bark. Please be sure to use only untreated products, as chemicals will kill. You can even purchase nice insect habitats from Amazon and garden centers.

The bees we depend on are precious little creatures and will be very grateful to you for providing them a nest.


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