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Save Birds with Your Windows

There is not much more heart breaking than to hear the thud of a beautiful bird hitting your windows and looking outside to see the poor thing lying dead.  Multiply that by a billion times a year and that's what is happening -- just in the US, says the American Bird Conservancy.

That's just unacceptable.  Now there is a great and innovative product that can stop or greatly reduce this tragedy:  Ornilux glass by Arnold Glas.  This glass appears very different to birds' eyes than it does to humans.  For us, it appears perfectly clear, but due to the structure of avian vision, birds can see striations in the glass that appear web-like, and warn them away from the glass.  It's a game changer and the very least we owe to our wildlife avian friends.

Arnie and I are replacing our 20 year old rotting windows with Passive House triple glazed windows from Kowalski.  For a small upcharge, we selected Ornilux glass.   I am so excited about this.  Please consider Ornilux for your own windows when it's time to build or replace them!


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