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Things we Love: Modern Rocking Chairs

We believe in very comfortable furniture. -- And by the way, it is a MYTH that modern furniture is not comfortable! -- You just have to pick the right pieces.

One modern rocking chair that is one of the most comfortable chairs of any era: the BLUDOT Buttercup rocker. This is just a dream to sit in with a generous seat and nice folded arms. It comes in Walnut or Light Oak plywood which has been molded to fit the human body.

Another great option is the 1950's Penguin Rocking Chair by Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen (1921-2003). The Penguin rockers are highly prized but increasingly hard to find. But keep looking; I found mine on Ebay about a decade ago. I had it recovered with Maharam Small Dot fabric designed by Ray Eames in the 1950's.

You might notice something striking they have in common: molded plywood, one of our favorite materials and applications. Molded plywood was created in the early 20th century and will be a subject of a future post!


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